On day 2, when everyone is up and dressed… who will take the floor?

We want the conversation to be fluid and collaborative when the Day 2 agenda begins at the Change in the Age of Disruption Conference. That sounds easy enough. But have you been to an Unconference? What is an Unconference, anyway? How does one participate? They key to the game is: It has everything to do with sharing yourself and your knowledge fully and powerfully to the group.

Day 2 will be about learning, relating, and connecting using your personal experiences. Be the first to be vulnerable and you’ll be offering up extremely valuable information for others. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable to your community, others will begin to feel comfortable doing the same. From there, you’re building trust and pushing the conversation to something deeper.

Share from your trials and your errors, share your journey because the more people you share with and meet, the more knowledge you, and they, will take away. You are in this together and everyone gets to teach one another and contribute their personal knowledge to their fellow attendees. This is where innovation happens!

So, be prepared with your most pressing questions, your good and bad stories, and offer yourself to the conference on Change in the Age of Disruption!

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