In this networked age, the tweets, posts, hashtags, hyperlinks exploded in the CMI world over the last few days as we social media-ed our way through the global CMI conference. Prolific Tweeters rubbed shoulders with people who just set up their Twitter account for the first time ever. For some of the newbies and even the not-so-newbies, how does one make sense of it all and not get overwhelmed?

Helen Blunden, one of our esteemed speakers, suggests, “Use the Storify app to help you collate all the social media content about the conference (tip: use #cmidisrupt to find all the related content).” You can then extract the ideas and concepts that you found useful and Storify will create a storyline for you. This can help you recall, process and reflect on all the information you’ve gathered at the CMI Conference that you find relevant. Try it out.