This is live blogged post that captures the feedback from work groups in the Melbourne group.  Here are the responses:

  • Speak to our competitors
  • Talk to people outside your industry or profession
  • Speak to a similar industry where you can knowledge share where they are not a direct competitor
  • Organise cross company forums for knowledge sharing eg. non competing areas across different industries and learn about how they approach change management, stakeholder engagement and other topical areas
  • Attend conferences so that you can connect with others across different industries and backgrounds to hear their stories and learn how they do things.
  • Allow people to connect people to others
  • Taking executives out to client sites for a tour and visit their companies, offices, sites, factories that brings the case studies to life
  • Enabling and asking our new onboarded employees about their experience: what worked? what didn’t; what did you wish you had? (and seek feedback early on)